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Acceptance Letter Format For Contract Award

Sample Acceptance Letter Format For Contract Award:

Acceptance Letter Format For Contract Award

Dear Mr. Mansur,

This is an acceptance letter for the contract award and I am about to write this letter with warm greetings and great pleasure. I am very eager about to convey this to you that we have planned to build contract between both of our companies. I am delighted to have this venture and I have accepted this honor with lots of blessings. I like to remind you about all terms and conditions as we have discussed over the telephone. I think you might be cleared about all instructions of our company and in such a way we will be able to build a contract between both groups. We are very happy that we have got very good reference about your firm. We have the very good working background and our company has the very good fiscal background. Our firm activities are neat with no clashes between other firms. We and other board members are having sound knowledge about the technology so that we can build better environment among others. Our company employees are working fine and they are so good about working and following board members’ instructions. This is the first time about establishing a new contract with the newly established firm and we are so happy about this, even though you are a newly established firm. I know and ensure that we can survive in this business world. I can even swear that we will be the best in survival and we can prove our talents as so long as we think.

As per the previous discussion, we would like to remind you all terms and now onwards we want you to take more responsibility in all types of interiors. We hope you might have seen all of our projects or else you might have collected valuable knowledge about all our projects. Taking responsibility especially in the case of interiors will not be so easy as we think so we should put our little hard work in it, only then we can be eligible to achieve anything in this field. We are requesting you refer the contract e-copy that we have sent to your email ID so that you will be able to collect more details about our enclosed business agreement.

With best wishes and regards,

John Filler,

Sparsh Group of Builders,

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