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Acceptance Letter Format For Consultancy Services

Sample Acceptance Letter Format For Consultancy Services:

Acceptance Letter Format For Consultancy Services

Dear James,

This is the acceptance letter that I am sending you on behalf of our company and we are very happy that we have appointed you for our Human Resources requirements. We like you to be supportive in all kinds of human resources. We will be requiring human resources in all jobs and other security purposes. Though we can able to recruit people by ourselves yet we require consultancy services from your organization and we want your complete co-operation in all these aspects. We know that recruitment process is not easy and we want the best person for all fields that’s why we want you to get from consultants. We can even choose by giving advertisements but we have spotted so much of issues in those tasks and that is being the major reason who we go for your consultancy services. We have got lots of proposals from so many consultants, but we can able to know that you maintain your services in the best way. I have heard that you have tie-ups with so many well-reputed firms and so we chose your consultancy services for all these reasons. Actually, we have got your email and verified that you are fine in giving consultancy services and so we wanted to appoint you as our consultant in further and future regarding. We know getting solutions from consultancy services must match companies in all aspects and so we felt several risky matters in these affairs.

We have so many departments running in different fields and we want employees in all fields. We want to be dedicated and knowledge people as employees and we can ensure that you can offer such resources for our company and so we have preferred you in getting solutions. We know that you have 15+ years of knowledge and experience in this field and so we have decided that you are suitable in this field. We will do payment in your desired way. You can contact us at any time and all phone lines are opened for 24 hours. We wish all kinds of supporting services from your side and I am very happy about this contract between our firms.  Respectfully yours,

Jose Albert,


478, Sand wood drive industries

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