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Acceptance Letter Format For Business Tie Up

Sample Acceptance Letter Format for Business Tie Up:

Acceptance Letter Format for Business Tie Up

Hi Robert,

This is the acceptance letter which I am sending you for the business tie up. We are very happy for the business tie up with your very big firm and we wanted to work with your company for establishing a brand image. We are well-liked to have a relationship with your firm, as we are aware of your brand new branch and other existing branches. Generally, we are not interested in business tie-ups because this is quite a risky situation having tie-ups with newly established companies. We have verified your company documents and find that your company has very good feedbacks and records so then we are Okay with having tie up with your branded firm. We know that business survival is quite risky for anyone to achieve and so we should put our complete hard work towards achieving success. You might have heard about our company profile and you can able to understand about our company standard and we are maintaining the brand image since several decades. We are very proud about to have business tie up with such an organization. We are inviting your firm for further transactions and we hope will maintain the best relationship between us.

According to your company proposal, we are happy that we can have better claims. This tie up can bring more income to both of our firms and so we are again happy for that. We can comprehend the importance of this business proposal since you have quoted best rates and this must be appreciable. We need to thank you for the team of marketing and production departments because we have verified that they work well. We can even identify that they are having sound knowledge and skills in all aspects. Thank you very much for the great opportunity that you have given and I want the same to be continued again in our new dealings. I have already planned this venture in the best way and we are preparing documents ready to start this venture from our side. We are also very eager about to start the business proposal soon. We want you to start further procedures from your side so that everything will be done with the concern of mutual firms.


Mr. Naveen Pandit

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