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Acceptance Letter Format For Board Of Directors

Sample Acceptance Letter Format For Board Of Directors:

Acceptance Letter Format For Board Of Directors

Dear Seizer,

I am thankful for the great opportunity for appointing me as one of board members in our beloved company and I have sufficient knowledge about your company which is a reputed one since several years. I have a strong opinion about your company and that I believe in me. I was come to know that your company has very good feedbacks in society and that become one of the inspirations for me to choose our beloved company. Working as the board of director is not so easy and I need training for that. I am so happy about my eligibility and your company board members have selected me as one of board members which make me so happy. I am so glad and feeling blessed about this job opportunity and I know that I am selected for this opportunity out of all other candidates. I am granted for this job and I will fulfill all my duties as per your expectation. Thank you so much for the great opportunity that you offer and I ensure that I will be a part of this board forever. I am so eager and excited about this opportunity and I will work hard for achieving this. I know that you maintain a branded firm so you may have so much of transactions and operations so I need to follow all instructions prescribed. I am so excited and very much happy about joining with your firm. I want complete details of your company including company profile and another scenario.

Thank you so much for granting me such a great opportunity as being one of board directors in your beloved company and I am interested in fulfilling my duties in our company. Being part of the board is making me really happy and enjoyable towards opportunity. I am feeling granted and I like to join in the same date that you have mentioned. As per the telephonic conversation dated on 04th July, I accept all instructions and regulations. I will attend the board meeting on the same date specified.

Thank you so much for appointing me one of board members!

Yours Sincerely,


ABC Pvt Ltd

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