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Acceptance Letter Format For Board Member Position

Sample Acceptance Letter Format For Board Member Position:

Acceptance Letter Format For Board Member Position

Dear Donald,

I am very happy about informing that you are one of declared director of our ABN International Group and we are pleased to accept you as one of board members in our organization. We have spotted you for selection only based on your proficiency, knowledge and experience. We are willing to offer you this offer and we want to make it immediately, as one of our existing board members is going to relieve within a week. We want you to work for the company’s improvement and we hope you will continue in forthcoming days. We are very eager inviting you for the same post. We understood the depth of your role, being a director and so we have decided that we are planning to offer you sufficient days to go through major roles of a director in our firm. We also want you to read our company’s profile and years of experience. It is better if you have read company’s policies and promotional activities accordingly we can be focused towards all other aspects. We give importance to the involvement and we want you to take this into our advice. We want to inform you that you will be monitored by our other board members for a certain period so we wish you to make this into your consideration for a certain period. We wanted to give consequence to the standard, knowledge and expertise of any employee and we have spotted you deserve the best in all aspects. As you are one of the board members in our firm, we will you make you involved in so many important decisions making.

Kindly give us your full co-operation in taking decisions and that will be merely useful for us to move ahead in our lives. We will be fully supportive and you can use advice and support of other board members at any situation. Of course, we can understand that you need more time in taking decisions and we are aware of all difficult situations so that we want you to involve and engaged with our other important decisions.

Best Wishes from our entire organization!

Yours Truly,

George Michael,

Managing Director

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