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Acceptance Letter Format For Appointment

Sample Acceptance Letter Format for Appointment:

Acceptance Letter Format for Appointment


Dear Sir,

This is the formal acceptance letter that I am sending you for thanking you for the acceptance of appointment. I have to thank you very much for the appointment and I have already gone through all instructions and other conditions that you have given. I am highly pleasure in availing these instructions and I am very sure about the appointment specified on February 15. Once you have received my email, please give me reply email to the same email ID so that I will be able to decide further aspects related to the meeting. I am sure and highly pleasure about to inform that I wish to report duty on specified date. I am immensely happy and thank you very much for the acceptance letter of reference number 745895 dated on February 15. I am also sending you two photocopies of appointment letter herein with and I am eager towards other procedures regarding an appointment.

I have attended an interview in various companies, but I am impressed about this opportunity which you are giving to me. I know the value of job opportunity that you wish to offer. I have read the email that you have sent already in which you have given that I am shortlisted among various employees which are the major plus point to me. Actually, I have no option in selecting your company because I have heard about your company and its prosperities so I am highly impressed to participate in all activities. I am highly pleasure about informing that my duty date is decided on coming 20th. I want you to send me details of important documents that I have to bring while I am coming for an interview. I have read your company instructions and I assure that I can follow everything carefully. At the same time, I am informing that I can able to join on the same date that you have given. I know this is the great chance that you have offered and I respect this great chance and accordingly I can follow all norms specified. I can work very hard and I will be sincere towards working.

Thanking you

Mr Vincent

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