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Acceptance Letter Format For Academic

Sample Acceptance Letter Format for Academic:

Acceptance Letter Format for Academic

Dear Ms. Johnston,

I am pleased to accept your invitation for the post of “Chief Executive” for the department of Accounts and I like to thank you very much for this great opportunity that you have offered. I am highly eager towards getting this opportunity and I am eager on working with our company. This is an unexpected opportunity which I am accepting with my whole heart. Actually, I have applied for the same post in various companies and thank god for this unexpected opportunity given by your firm. I am strong enough in ERP Softwares and I have strong beliefs about me so that I can ensure that I can work in a better manner for your company. This is like an exotic opportunity which you are trying to offer and I am eager about utilizing these admirable opportunities available in your firm. I know this kind of positive contribution can strengthen firm activities and at the same time this is kind of golden opportunity given to me. Working with the team of three springs is a kind of better opportunity which you are planning to give and I am well-liked to utilize this opportunity for my welfare. I have no choices in avoiding these kinds of employments because this is offered for my talents which I respect a lot. I have a strong desire about the settlement of mine in the better job and as like that, I am able to settle myself in this great opportunity available. I will work with everyone those who work here and I like to give my complete contribution here while I am working.

I am quite happy about my starting salary, but I hope you will also offer some more benefits for me including insurance and other claims. As per your previous email, I am able to know that all my benefits of employment will be provided to me once after I have finished my employment successfully. Actually, you have said that these claims and other insurance benefits will be provided to me only after 60 days completion so I am highly satisfied with this offer from your firm.

Yours Truly,


100 Campus Drive,

Elon, NC 44272

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